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The Founder of the GCI Real Estate Network is an NFL Legend and 2x Super Bowl Champion of the Washington Redskins. Mr. Clark is the driving force behind this network. A graduate of James Madison University with a Bachelor Degree in Social Science, Clark started this network with the understanding that he wanted to have an actionable plan that would build an active platform where integrity, creativity, focus and innovation represented the foundation and the formula for success. This mentality allows Clark and his visionary team to work towards achieving maximum results for our Everyday Heroes, Sports Fans, Network Advisors and Network Sponsors. Clark states, "The GCI Real Estate Network  focuses on 3 primary objectives: Empowerment, Education, Rebates, Savings and True Appreciation for our Members, Brand Growth, Brand Awareness, Increased Revenue for our Network Sponsors; and Client Engagement, Client Appreciation and Client Growth for our Real Estate Network Advisors. If we concentrate on these 3 objectives with focus, persistence, creativity and integrity; everyone participating in this formula will be very successful."


Mr. Clark wants to personally thank all of those sports fans who allowed him to showcase his football talents on one of the biggest stages in the world and he sincerely wants to thanks all of those individuals who don't get recognized for the services they provide our society and communities on a daily basis. He knows without them our world and the world in which his 5 kids live in would not exist. When he played the game of football; many felt that he took what he could do on the field to the NEXT LEVEL. He's now here to take Real Estate and what it means to the above mentioned groups to the NEXT LEVEL. The GCI Real Estate Network is "Changing The Game" within the Real Estate industry.

GCI RE Network - We Won't Drop The Ball.
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