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The Founder of The NFL Real Estate Network is an NFL Legend and a two-time Super Bowl Champion with the Washington Redskins. Mr. Clark serves as the driving force behind this network. A graduate of James Madison University, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science, Clark initiated this network with a clear vision. He aimed to establish an actionable plan that would create an active platform where integrity, creativity, focus, and innovation would form the bedrock and the key to success.


This mindset allows Clark and his visionary team to diligently pursue maximum results for our Everyday Heroes, Sports Fans, Network Advisors, and Network Sponsors. Clark articulates the core focus of The NFL Real Estate Network as encompassing three primary objectives:

  1. Empowerment, Education, Rebates, Savings, and True Appreciation for our Members: This entails providing support, knowledge, financial benefits, and genuine recognition to our network members.

  2. Brand Growth, Brand Awareness, Increased Revenue for our Network Sponsors: The network is committed to enhancing the reputation and visibility of partner brands while helping them achieve greater financial success.

  3. Client Engagement, Client Appreciation, and Client Growth for our Real Estate Network Advisors: The network aims to foster meaningful client relationships, demonstrate gratitude, and promote the growth of our real estate service providers.


Clark emphasizes that by concentrating on these three objectives with focus, persistence, creativity, and integrity, everyone participating in this formula will achieve remarkable success.

Mr. Clark extends his personal gratitude to all the sports fans who provided him with the opportunity to showcase his football talents on one of the world's grandest stages. He also extends sincere appreciation to those individuals who often go unnoticed for the services they offer to our society and communities on a daily basis. He acknowledges that without them, our world and the world in which his five children live would not exist.

During his football career, many believed that he took his abilities on the field to the NEXT LEVEL. Now, he is committed to elevating the real estate experience and its significance for the groups mentioned above to the NEXT LEVEL. The NFL Real Estate Network is dedicated to "Changing The Game" within the real estate industry.

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