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Tug of War



In business, as in sports, staying on top of your  game requires innovation, endurance

and a very strong team of skilled players.

Our Vision is to continue to build a unique

and diverse society of skilled individuals who support each others business needs,

personal interests and community obligations.


Building your wolf pack (networking group) involves a promise and an action. In order to achieve true success in your group of networking relationships, all parties must agree to support one another and take the actions necessary to fulfill that agreement.

There are many ways that you and your newly engaged wolf pack can benefit from one another and that is why it is imperative that you are
 actively involved with other like-minded members.   By meeting regularly with members of this network you can educate and discuss key components and features necessary for the success of your business.   Learning and understanding what each member’s business has to offer will substantially increase each member chances for successful referrals.

Building your wolf pack will only work if all involve have a mutual vision of success and a shared and committed implementation of that vision.

According to Psychology Today, research has found that people who are “actively involved” in a business environment are “43% more productive” than those who are not. Furthermore, they state that engagement includes “regular dialogue, quality of working relationships, perceptions of ethos and values of the organization, and recognition“. Reciprocal involvement between you and your referral partners is the most crucial element for this network’s success.

Each month try and think about new ways in which you can support your networking partners in order to promote involvement and engagement within their business and how they can do the same for yours.

To become a  successful networking group it is important for each member to put an adequate amount of importance on quality.

Incorporating quality means being very discerning about who is selected to be a part of your your network. The only people you should be inviting into the group are quality individuals who have a positive, supportive and contributing attitude and who are very good at what they do for a living. If a potential member does not meet the criteria established by our network; they should not even be considered.

Efficient networking is dependent upon the quality of the relationships developed within any given networking group.  Embracing quality also means building committed relationships among all referral partners in order to achieve more referrals. If your network has no quality within, you won’t receive the referrals you expect. Understanding the definition of quality and continued participation within your network is the key component for success. There must be a system of accountability within the network that is agreed upon by all of its members.  If each member focuses on helping their fellow members gain referrals, achieve goals and grow their businesses, their fellow members will respond by reciprocating those actions. The more members that truly understand this system; the more success our network will enjoy.


There is an amazing correlation between the size of a quality networking group and the number of referrals generated by that group. When adding qualified new members to your networking family, you will increase the amount of referrals you receive without a doubt.

As you are building your own quality network of referral relationships, keep in mind, the bigger the group, the better! The more quality connections you enjoy, the more referrals you will generate.
BIGGER IS BETTER… It really is that simple. Make sure after joining that you position your referral network for success by growing it thru quality. Do something each day to ensure that our network grows by creating more quality in our member numbers tomorrow.

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