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In our society there are specific groups of men and women who without a doubt should be recognized as EVERYDAY HEROES by every individual residing in the United States and abroad. Unfortunately, many in our society tend to forget how important these men and women actually are until they find themselves in a crisis situation and in need of their help. But today I'm proud to announce that there is a Network of real estate professionals, NFL Legends and Super Bowl Champions who understand completely that without these brave men and women serving our community, our society, as we now know it, could not exist. The safety we feel to go about our everyday lives could not exist.  The purpose of this real estate network is to show a small token of appreciation for those individuals who truly are an everyday hero. 

So if you're Military Personnel, both former and active, Nurses, Doctors, EMT's, Teachers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Caregivers, current and former Law Enforcement Personnel, Coaches, Instructors, Healthcare Professionals and all other First Responders that we consider an "Everyday Hero" living within the United States you qualify for huge savings when buying, selling or refinancing a home with real estate advisors from our network plus amazing, unforgettable NFL Legend Experiences Click Below to see if you qualify as an EVERYDAY HERO. Our Everyday Hero Program was created by NFL Legend Gary Clark and has mutated into the Gary Clark Inc Real Estate Network or what is now referred to by many as "The GCI Real Estate Network".


In writing his mission statement for this GCI Real Estate Network the 2X Super Bowl Champion found this task a simple one; his goal was to enhance the overall experience an everyday hero and sports fan receives when buying, selling or refinancing a home; empowering those individuals to fully enjoy the process of everything that goes into acquiring the American Dream and rewarding those individuals for their love of  duty, community, education, sports and competition with amazing savings and NFL Legend Experiences.

With that said, The GCI Real Estate Network is committed to saving EVERYDAY HEROES and SPORTS FANS substantial dollars when it comes to their real estate transaction; while also providing them with engaging one of a kind, unforgettable NFL Legend Experiences, such as breakfast with an NFL Legend @ Chick-fil-a, coffee with a Super Bowl MVP @ Starbucks or a simple dinner with a group of Super Bowl Champions at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

The experiences provided by the GCI Real Estate Network "Network Advisors" goes on and on, maybe you want a tour of NFL HQ or maybe a need to have your child mentored by a NFL Legend or Super Bowl Champion. Click the link below for a list of the various NFL Legend Experiences you can enjoy when becoming a member of our Network. The GCI Real Estate Network is simply the best real estate network in the world when it comes to taking care of its members.

All of our real estate services providers are at the top of their chosen fields. (See List of Network Advisors). All of our Network Providers understand that our everyday heroes and sports fans are the primary priority to this network and will be treated as such. Our Network Advisors have taken a pledge to ensure that their customer service and products are simply outstanding. 

So if you qualify as an EVERYDAY HERO or SPORTS FAN, seeking to buy, sell or refinance a home; you really should do it through the GCI Real Estate Network. The service will be 5 Star. The ratings of our Network Advisors will assure you that you're working with the best of the best (see reviews).  THEY ARE COMMITTED TO YOU... And the REWARDS you'll receive will be amazing and unforgettable. Want a video celebration message from a Super Bowl Champion for your child's birthday, simply ask and you shall receive. 

So in closing, The Gary Clark Real Estate Network will Empower Everyday Heroes and Sports Fans to fully enjoy the experience of buying, selling or refinancing a home. This Real Estate Network is committed to saving our members substantial dollars and rewarding them with amazing NFL experiences courtesy of some pretty amazing real estate services providers. 

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